Beautiful islands in the world where you can spend a good time with your family and friends

There is nothing like going on a vacation to a beautiful island with your loved ones. There are many amazing lagoons in the world with the most dazzling white sands and the stretches of exotic beaches and luxurious resorts. Islands are the perfect spot where you can release all your tensions and chill like never before. You can enjoy the scenic view, ravishing beauty of water and detox your inner stress and just chill. These islands are attractive, alluring and will be one of your best vacations till date.

 Bora Bora is a small green island which is located in French Polynesia. There is turquoise and sapphire everywhere. The white sands around will melt your heart and corals will leave deep impressions on your eye. If you choose to hike, you have to plan for a six hour hike. There will be some difficult uphill climbs from where you can have the most mesmerising views which will forever stay in your memories.

Snorkelling is another activity which you can experience when you go there. With the most beautiful and transparent blue water and corals, snorkelling would be absolutely amazing. When you are inside the lagoon, you will get to see the great manta rays early in the morning. If you are the one who wants to explore deep waters, diving would be the perfect option. It will take you deep underwater where you can experience how beautiful Bora Bora actually is. The best time to visit this breath-taking island is November to April.

Crete is also the best option if you want to visit an island during your vacation. It is also known as Heart of the Mediterranean. The main highlight of this amazing island is the white sand beaches which is so incredibly romantic. You will be amazed by the mountainscapes around you when you visit Crete. The best thing to do here are exploring various lagoons and beaches, go on a hike, climb Mount Ida and also visit the ancient Greek monument there. The best time to visit Crete is April to October.

Now let’s not forget Bali. It is the greatest of all the islands. Bali in Indonesia is the most popular tourist destination for all the island lovers. It has got amazing beaches, coral refs, crystal blue waters and beautiful temples. The cuisines in Bali are also equally fantastic and the temples are so aesthetic. Bali is one of the most spiritually connected islands in the world. The best time to visit this charming island is in July and August.

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